RadonFix® 3.0

RadonFix® 3.0 is a complete radon well package which is easy and quick to install. It works best in coarse soil types like gravel and sand. The advantage of the solution is that interior changes are not necessary.

The well absorbs inter-granular air containing radon so that it never gets into living spaces through in-ground construction.

The package contains:


  • Prefabricated absorption chamber (560mm) and exhaust pipe 315mm.

  • 315mm in line blower with speed regulating step transformer(340W, 2,08A), separately

  • Flexible muffler, 315mm (separately)

  • Prefabricated fibreglass maintenance chamber 1000x1000mm (separately) with an integrated exhaust connection

  • exhaust stack of black plastic 315mm or alternately of stainless steel

  • 3 pcs FK315 fittings