RadonFix® 3.1

RadonFix® 3.1


RadonFix® 3.1 is a prefabricated radon collection package that is easy and quick to install. It is used when an external radon collection well can not be used because of the density of the soil or for other construction related reasons.


The collection pipe is run through the foundation, under the floor, and kept at negative pressure so that radon containing air can not enter the occupied parts of the building. The system also exhausts organic compounds and soil moisture.


The package contains:


  • 2 pcs 1250mm suction pipe, diameter 110mm

  • 1 pcs 110 T- fitting

  • 2 pcs 110x3000 PP pipe

  • 1 pcs 110 slide fitting

  • 1 pcs 110 muff

  • pipe adaptor 110/125

  • Vilpe-Ross 125 exhaust stack

  • maintenance chamber 560x650

  • integrated 160mm in-line blower with speed regulating step transformer (79,4W, 0.628A)