RadonFix® 3.2

RadonFix® 3.2


RadonFix® 3.2 is a prefabricated radon collection package that is easy and quick to install. It is used when an exterior radon collection chamber can not be used because of dense soils or other construction related reasons.


The collection chamber is installed through the floor and inter-granular air containing radon is exhausted so that it does not get into the building through in-ground construction. It also ventilates sub-floor spaces by exhausting organic compounds and soil moisture.


The package contains:


  • A modular collection chamber 125x250mm with an integrated exhaust pipe 100x700mm

  • 1 muff fitting 110mm

  • 1 DN100 fitting connection

  • 1 FK100 fitting

  • 6 metres of flexible 100mm exhaust pipe

  • Vilpe 110P radon blower (48W)

  • Vilpe speed control transformer